2018 Battle of Dry Creek: Aug. 18 -19, 2018

2018 Battle of Dry Creek Reenactment


The 2018 Battle of Dry Creek will again be held at the Greenbrier State Forest, located near White Sulphur Springs off of Exit 181 of I-64 which is the second WV exit if you are coming from Virginia.  
The Reenactor registration this year will be$10.00 if post marked on or before June 30, 2018 and $15.00 if post marked after that date or for walk-ons. We regret the increase, but have received diminished State and local grant funds and want to maintain the quality of our Saturday evening dinner and facilities.
Registrations should be sent to The Battle of Dry Creek, PO Box 211, Lewisburg, WV 24901.
Again we will have a School of the Piece - National Civil War Artillery Association Qualifying School -on Saturday morning. live artillery target competition on Saturday, A tactical Infantry Battle Saturday morning and battles at 2 pm on Saturday and 1:30 pm on Sunday. Calvary of course are welcome, and there will be an opportunity for Calvary to engage in a"Horse Polo Match" before Saturday's battle. There is no charge for spectators.
If we find a period band, we will have a dance Saturday evening followed by the Reenactors' dinner. If you have any suggestions for a band, contact Tim Walker at 304-653-4737 or tim@amrmail.org.  

Cannon bounties will again be paid at $100.00 for full sized cannons and $75.00 for 3/4 scale cannons and Mountain howitzers

Downloadable printable Registration forms can be found on the Registration Forms Page

The Actual Battle of Dry Creek Was Fought in August of 1863t


The historical Battle of Dry Creek was Fought near where the Food Lion Shopping Center now stands on the East Side of the Town of White Sulphur Springs. Visit the Monument at the Site Placed By the White Sulphur Rifles.

This Battle was the First Confederate Victory Following Their Devastating Defeat at Gettysburg and Raised Southern Moral.

This battle has also been called the Battle of White Sulphur Springs and the "Battle of the Law Books" since the Union Army was attempting to go to Lewisburg and capture a copy of the Virginia Supreme Court's law books and court documents. The Virginia Court had used Lewisburg as a summer courthouse and the Federals wanted to turn those captured materials over to the new State of West Virginia's Courts. The Federal loss at the Battle of Dry Creek prevented the capture of those court materials.

Schedule for 2018 Dry Creek Reenactment


  • Thursday 8-16-18
  • Early Arrivals welcome
  • FRIDAY 8-16-18
  • Camp Set-up
  • 6pm -11pm Registration Open
  • SATURDAY 8-17-18
  • 7am- Reveille
  • 8am- Registration opens
  • 8:00am Colors followed by Officers Meeting at the Bryans Battery Field Camp. 
  • 8:30 am to 11:30 am - NCWAA Cannon School
  • 11:45am to1 pm -Artilary Live Target Shoot
  • 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm -Infantry Tactical which will roll into the 2:30 battle
  • 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm  -Artilery, CaSkirmish at main battlefield
  • 4:00 pm -5:30 pm -Cavalry Polo and School of the Soldier for Kids (exact times and lengths for these to be set by organizers within this time frame.
  • 6pm -7pm –Reenactors’ dinner at Parking lot/ Registration Area
  • 7 pm -9:30 pm Concert/Military Ball (Pending location of a period string band.)
  • 10 pm- Night Firing of Artillery
  • 11:30 pm, Quiet in the Camps
  • SUNDAY, 8-19-18
  • 8 am- Reveille
  • 10 am-Church Services in Battlefield
  • 12:30 am -Officers Meeting at Bryans Battery Field Camp.
  • 1:30 pm –The Battle of Dry Creek

The 2019 Battle of Dry Creek will be on Friday.8/16/19 - Sunday, 8/18/19.